Hungry for knowledge? 
Hooked on achieving? 
Determined to head for the top? 
Music to our ears.
Your future with the Buck Inn Country Pub

We set high standards. We make some tough demands. But the environment is charged with a passion for doing everything better than anyone else.

So expect more than a job. More than a 9-5 routine, watching the clock and counting the hours. We work to a simple principle...a job should inspire, educate, motivate, encourage and reward.

If we succeed, one of two things will happen. You'll put down roots and be a major part of our ambitious plans for growth. Or maybe move on, perfectly equipped to tackle the challenges your career will have in store.

Either way, we guarantee you an experience that will impact on your life, affecting your outlook, the way you think and your ability to realize your potential.

If there are no suitable positions currently available, please feel free to forward your details to us anyway. That way you’ll be at the front of the queue for consideration in the future.